Fish feel pain and stress - confirmed by the government’s farm animal advisory body (FAWC).
It is impossible to know how many are killed at sea because such vast numbers are caught.
Millions more are slaughtered on fish farms.

Fish Farming
As many as 50,000 fish are crammed into underwater cages. The water is filthy from their waste. Sea lice flourish in these conditions, eating the fish alive. Their short, miserable existence ends when the conscious fish are killed by a variety of brutal methods. These include being clubbed, gassed and asphyxiated. Others have their gills cut and bleed to death. Some are gutted alive.

Ocean Fishing
Fish are dragged to their deaths in nets the size of football pitches by huge trawlers.
As they are hauled up from the deep, they undergo excruciating decompression, which can rupture swimbladders, pop out eyes and push their guts through their mouths.

In an attempt to limit disease in the underwater cages, farmed fish are given vaccines, antibiotics and chemicals with known human health risks. 30% of the fat in fish can besaturated, contributing to obesity, heart disease and cancers. The fats act like a sponge, soaking up toxins – including mercury and cancer-causing dioxins – from polluted oceans. That stench at the fish counter is the smell of the fats turning rancid. Nice!

Oceans on the Brink of Collapse
Over-fishing is causing populations such as cod to collapse. Fish are being caught before they have time to breed, giving numbers no time to recover. The seas are being stripped bare and the oceans are dying. Farming fish increases the problem because three to five tons of ocean-caught fish are needed to produce feed for one ton of farmed fish.

Environmental Damage

Deep-water trawling nets plough through fragile coral reefs, devastating ocean floors. Fish farms also damage their surrounding environment. The pollution from fish farming in Scotland is comparable to sewage produced by 9.4 million people. In some places, the water surrounding the farm becomes so heavily contaminated that no life can survive.

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